An ex-alpinist. Now, a skimo racer.
Canadian National Development Team

In 2014, I started skimo racing and studying endurance training under Scott Johnston. Using the Uphill Athlete method, I qualified for the Canadian National Development Team and to compete at the 2019 World Championships in Switzerland.

I don’t have a high VO2 max, a long history of endurance training, or youth on my side. But I’m usually the most obsessive and type-A. That’s an advantage that I’ve learned how to use.

Endurance training is complex–and no, HIIT training is not the answer–so I do a lot of testing and keep detailed notes as I go along.

Before skimo, I was a sponsored climber, supported by Black Diamond, SCARPA, Grivel, Metolius, Clif Bar, and Adidas Eyewear. But that was all before Instagram, so it’s hard to tell if it ever really happened…