Climbing & Skiing CV

Skimo Racing

  • Competed at the 2019 ISMF World Championships as a member of the Canadian National Team;
  • A national-level competitor in Canada, consistently placing in the top ten. Finished the 2019 season as 6th overall;
  • Numerous first place finishes in the 40-49 Masters category;
  • Completed the Wapta Traverse (~40km and ~2,000m of gain) in 7h 54m.

Alpine Climbing

I climbed almost full-time between 1999 and 2006. That resulted in several first ascents and speed records. I was sponsored by Black Diamond, SCARPA, Grivel, Metolius, Clif Bar, and Adidas Eyewear.

Route Grade Location Notes Partners
DTCB V M7R Mt. Andromeda 1st ascent, 18h Slawinski
The Japanese Route V Mt. Alberta 1st winter ascent Slawinski, Walsh
Striving for the Moon VI WI6 Mt. Temple 2nd ascent, 36h Thaczuk, Walsh
The Rooster Comb AK5 A2 WI6 Ruth Gorge 3rd ascent, 24h Walsh
Shaken, Not Stirred AK3 WI4+ Moose's Tooth 5h45m Walsh
Ham & Eggs AK3 WI4 Moose's Tooth 4h30m Walsh
Great Western V M7 WI5R Mt. Stephen 1st ascent Owens
Howse of Cards VI M7- WI6X Howse Peak 1st ascent Gadd, Mahoney
Spinstone V M7R Bugaboos 1st ascent Isaac

Rock Climbing

After alpine climbing, I focused on sport climbing between 2006 and 2011. I redpointed 13c and flashed 12c.

Route Grade Location Notes
Army Ants 13c Acephale, AB redpoint
Naissance de la Femme 13b Acephale, AB redpoint
The Silver Rocket 13a Prairie Creek, AB redpoint
Shep's Diner 13a Grotto Canyon, AB redpoint
Jason Lives 13a Lake Louise, AB redpoint
Nemo 12d Acephale, AB redpoint
Shooting Star 12d Planet X, AB redpoint
39 Steps 12d Acephale, AB redpoint
Illy Down 12c Acephale, AB flash
Le Bleu du Ciel 12b Acephale, AB onsight
Spicy Elephant 12b Atlantis, AB flash
Evil Cheese Wiener 12a Ten Sleep, WY onsight
Bass Ackwards 12a The Hideaway, AB onsight
Acid Test 12a Skaha, BC onsight