Below are a few unsolicited responses that I've received from my coaching clients, organized by sport:

Skimo Racing

I wish racing was happening this year, but if we've made this kind of progress in 4 months, then I look forward to what can be down over the course of a couple of years.
I can't thank you enough for your time and work over the last few months. I have learned an immense amount about how structured training works and how beneficial it can be.

Ultra Running

Thanks for all your help Scott. What you had me do paid big benefits. I crushed the course in 10h20min and came in 1st.

― in a 45-mile race with 12,000' of gain
It's so much fun working with you. The FKTs are just a bonus I get from enjoying myself in the mountains. The feeling of being fast, pushing myself to new limits, is the most rewarding.
I was quite surprised that I’m so much faster only five months later.
Just wanted to reach out and say "thanks" for a good year so far. I've learned a ton about training. And racing. And other things too - you're full of good advice.

Road Running

Last, thanks much Scott for your really great coaching. You excelled on all fronts. One thing you do particularly well is play defense. Your instinct to subtly tap on the brakes works well against my instinct to hit the gas. This last 8-week training period was perfect - there isn’t a thing I would have done differently.
Clearly I benefited a lot from backing off the volume this week. Thanks for the intervention. Very high value input from you - great read of the tea leaves. Really positive to feel strong and confident [in a hard workout].

Alpine Climbing

I was with two dudes: a guy half my age who is a former professional cyclist and a guide. I could have pushed faster than either of them at almost any phase of the day, and I had less overall fatigue during the descent or at the end of the day. This was massively confirming in terms of your training programming.
Man, another huge impact from your programming I'm really starting to notice a general increase in energy! A year ago, a full workday would leave me dead and dreading the gym. Now, I'm completely good to go at 5! Want to thank you for your continued support and expertise. I've never felt this physically good.


I wanted to thank you very much for your efforts for the last 4 months: they have been absolutely great for me. I was quite a beginner, but working with you showed the scope of improvements possible; and I felt those improvements even in the few short months. If four months can result in this much, what will 4 years be like?
Progress made since coming on in July last year has been stellar!
You've been absolutely great throughout the last year, especially putting together plans and giving notes/advice on training during these crazy COVID times.
Scott, thanks as always! Our work definitely paid off! My endurance felt fantastic and I was recovering quickly!
Your coaching has taken my training up to a new level.