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While researching how to manage iron stores, the concept of bioavailability was a common one. It struck me that training functions in much the same way.

How much of your training is bioavailable?
“More is better” is almost never the case. Like nutrients, the body can only absorb what it can absorb. Anything more than that dose is wasted or, worse, counterproductive.

What I read

Also while looking into iron, I came across this handy tool that ranks food according to the food's content of selected nutrients.

Nutrient Ranking Tool
nutrition facts ranking,nutrient ranking,sort foods by nutrient content

Asker Jeukendrup is a great resource for science-backed research on nutrition. This guest post by Michael Gleeson details the coronavirus, susceptibility, and how to reduce it.

What you can eat and do to reduce becoming infected with respiratory pathogens like the corona virus
What is the role for nutrition in reducing infections? Can supplements “boost” immunity?

Joe Friel, triathlon coach and founder of Training Peaks, provides a bunch of definitions of often-confused (and confusing) terms from endurance training.

Common But Confusing Training Terms - Joe Friel
Recently reader Kevin Wellenius asked if I would define some sports science terms that pop up from time to time in books, magazines and on websites. I thought that was a great idea as I frequently am asked about each of the terms in his list below. It’ll make my life a bit easier if […]

...and something to think about.

Personalizing successes sets people up for disastrous failure. They begin to treat the successes totally as a personal reflection of their abilities rather than the result of capitalizing on a good opportunity...or being just plain lucky. They think their mere involvement in an undertaking guarantees success.

~ Brendan Moynihan, What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars