Caffeine: How a man can feel like a boy

The race season is over. Caffeine season has begun.

In my training, I often do fasted, caffeinated runs first thing in the morning. Fasted sessions are one method of depletion training. Starting a training session with low glycogen stores stimulates aerobic adaptations in slow-twitch muscle fiber.

Adding caffeine to a training session increases the power output for a given intensity. I can run faster at a given heart rate or at a lower heart rate for a given pace.

In short, it feels awesome.

This video is a juvenile illustration of what it feels like, including:

  • The initial boost of performance (@ 1m17s);
  • The tempting hubris that always appears (@ 2m07s);
  • The greed that quickly follows (@ 2m20s);
  • What happens if the glycogen runs out (@ 2m30s); and
  • How it feels to get home just in time and eat a croissant (@ 3m03s).